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1. What is Emerging Media

Emerging Media is a developer of innovative content and multimedia properties across platforms relevant to the Indian sub-continent. Backed by international media & investment experts our commercial rights extend across sport, television, events, digital media, and talent rights.

2. Why reality show on cricket?

India comprises people of different castes, traditions, regions, languages, dialects, religion but the only thing which binds them is cricket. Everyone from a 5 year old to 90 year old knows the game inside out and has views and opinions regarding it. Everyone in this country wants their child to be the next Sachin, Yuvraj and Dhoni. In such a nation where cricket is a religion and cricketers are worshipped like gods, what better theme for a reality show than cricket?

3. Is it a licensed format or a fresh format?

It is a fresh format owned by Emerging Media.

4. What is the objective of Cricket Star Twenty20?

Cricket Star is an interactive, multimedia talent hunt for the best young cricketer in the world, aimed at discovering the next Sachin, Yuvraj and Dhoni. We plan to provide platform for the best talent in this country to showcase their cricketing skills.

5. My registration code is 512. I did not get any information. So can I revisit you to find out if I am short listed?

As was clearly published during last year’s Application process, applicants would only be called back if they were short-listed. Therefore, if you were not contacted, then you were not short-listed. Do not give up hope, though: If you missed your chance to participate in the first ever Cricket Star programme, there is a second chance NOW! The applications process for the second season of Cricket Star are now open at

6. Do you have a website? Can candidates register on the website?

To receive news updates, you can register on the website - To apply to be part of the Cricket Star Twenty20, aspirants can register on application form. Other avenues for registration via SMS / IVRS and physical submission of forms will be announced soon. However we suggest that you register online early to maximize your chances of being selected for the auditions.

7. What will be the selection procedure for female candidates?

The selection procedure will not be gender based. All Male and Female participants will undergo same set of tests.

8. Are auditions to be held at all cities? Can I select a venue according to my preference?

Regional Trial venues are not necessarily set up in all regions. If there is no venue in your preferred region, you would have to participate at whichever venue is assigned to you – if you are short-listed, of course.

9. Who are the entities and celebrities involved in Cricket Star Twenty20?

Rajasthan Cricket Association, the India Premier League, members of BCCI will be involved in running the season of Cricket Star Twenty20. Further details will be available in the near future.

10. Which channels would it be aired on?

We are looking for a nationwide coverage for this event and have approached prime channels considering their reach.

11. What training will the candidates undergo in the academy?

At the Academy, the contestants will be subjected to a range of mental and physical tests, as well as a series of cricketing challenges to test their ability. The students' progress will be tested each week through televised cricket matches as well.

12. What does the Cricket Star win?

The winner of Cricket Star Series I, won a year's expenses paid contract with Leicestershire County Cricket Club (one of 18 professional first class teams in the UK), attractive cash prizes, a chance to train at the ECB Cricket Academy - all this besides becoming a national celebrity with recognition at an all India level. The prizes for winners of the upcoming Cricket Star Twenty20 will be a chance for selection for the Ranji team for Rajasthan, a chance for selection for one of the IPL teams to be shortly announced by the BCCI and of course the season contract to play for Leicestershire County Cricket Club.

13. What are the different stages in the programme?

The journey will begin with eager young cricketers in India applying through interactive Medias. A nationwide application and screening process will lead to a shortlist of talented candidates being invited to attend auditions in one of several regional centres. There they will be assessed by celebrity cricket judges who will select the final group to attend the Cricket Star Academy. The Cricket Star Academy is where the successful finalists will spend up to 5 weeks under the watchful eye of a panel of cricket legends and current Test and One Day Indian stars. Through a systematic elimination process conducted by voting, the final Cricket Star would be selected.